Welcome to Maltings DataScan Ltd.

Because scanned documents can be stored digitally in a variety of formats, we can advise on the best solutions for data capture and storage. All of our clients are unique and have different requirements and budgets, so we tailor our service to be as flexible as possible to cater for specific needs. Our service is driven by you, we listen to your requirements and we find the right solution.

Benefits of document scanning

  • Save time
  • Re-utilise or save space in the office
  • Reduce office overheads
  • Save money on printing and postage
  • Protect important documents from disaster
  • improve customer service levels
  • Security of electronic backup
  • improved availability of documents

Contact Details

Maltings DataScan Ltd
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Tel: (029) 20 46 20 45
Fax: (029) 20 46 43 52
Email: scanning@themaltings.co.uk