Services - The Process

Collection of documents

We can arrange for collection of documents from local clients. A collection note is issued upon collection with a unique reference number.

Preparation of documents

Staples, paper clips, sticky notes and binders etc are removed and creases are straightened out to ensure that the documentation can be fed through the scanners.

Scanning of your files

The prepared documents are then scanned by our scanning operatives. Our top of the range scanning equipment use a range of intelligent settings which ensures that no document is missed during the scanning process.

Indexing of files

Once scanned, the electronic versions of your files are indexed with your required data, whether it is a client surname or reference number. Indexing is an important area of the procedure and we work closely with our clients to establish the most effective way to index their documents for ease of future reference.

Quality checks

All electronic files are put through a series of checks to ensure that any errors are corrected before the files are stored on to Disc.

Files are stored to Disc

Once everything is checked and approved, the scanned files and folders are stored to CD-ROM or DVD.

Delivery of your electronic files

Once completed we will arrange for your completed CD-ROM or DVD to be returned by secure post or hand delivered by one of our team if you prefer.

Scan on demand

A flexible service that allows clients to store their documents off-site and frequently accessed documents can be scanned and returned digitally. Rarely accessed documents are not scanned until requested.

Retrieval service

After collection, your paperwork is stored in our secure onsite storage warehouse whilst the documentation awaits the preparation and scanning process. Should you require a file urgently before the scanning process is complete we can locate, scan and email the file to you immediately or arrange the return of the physical file next day.

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